A Challenging Site in Newham

One of LNPS’ most challenging sites belongs to Newham Council. It stretches over 95,000 square metres and is home to services such as refuse, cleansing, passenger transport and animal welfare. There is also a car pound, several large car parks, a charity goods delivery centre and a motorcycle workshop.

Being close to a river adds another dimension and demands that LNPS and the site manager Linda Ray work as a close team to keep it pest free and have done so for the last four years.

Pests that invade the site regularly include flies, cockroaches, pigeons, spiders, rats, mice and fleas.

Linda explains: “The challenge is to keep the pests under control as the nature of the site and the types of vehicles coming in and out means we won’t ever be able to eradicate pests from the site all together. What we look for is reasonable control to stop the problem escalating.

“My account manager is Michael Bailes and he is exemplary and brilliant. He takes a great deal of interest in the depot and any issues and if there is a problem will deal with it immediately LNPS staff are very friendly, helpful and professional and the team always addresses any problems promptly and have always delivered a brilliant service. We are seeing on-going improvements with the service which is good”.

Account Manager Michael Bailes added: “Managing customers’ expectations on a site that has so many challenges from a pest point of view is always key. Linda has worked with us for a few years now and myself and the technicians have spent time explaining how and why we do the work we do, with this comes basic knowledge of the target pests and the expectations on what can be achieved”.

“Each site has its own requirements. We have listened to Linda’s concerns and requests and always find a way between us to try and accommodate the joint goal of achieving the best results. As with many sites we look after, the relationship is so important and especially regular contact. Linda and other managers know we are on site each month, they also know they can call us and we will respond. Being able to talk to someone they know and who knows the site makes a huge difference, rather than a voice at a call centre or an email response”.

“The technicians all know Linda and the other managers across Newham by name and sight and they know their technicians’ names. If we have a call out for an issue, the technicians let me know and I simply follow up with a visit or phone call to check everything is ok.”

LNPS’ response times are fast as the company has multiple vans in the borough which means someone is always close by. Some customers prefer out of hours or weekend calls so the service is tailored to their needs. The team knows that customer service can win or lose a contract or client.

Each site managed by Linda has a monthly visit from technicians and a quarterly visit from Michael Bailes. There are also regular phone calls when the seasons change and different pests are active. Mike knows the history of each site so reminds them of previous works or jobs so they are fully prepared.

“In short, it’s just old-fashioned customer service from both myself and the technicians along with the staff on the help desk listening and talking to the customers. At the end of the day we hate losing a client, regardless of cost or service issues. For us, it means we have to find another customer to replace them and another one to grow the business. It’s far easier to look after the ones you have,” Mike added.

rat on top of a branch outside