Q: What do wasps look like?

Wasps have smooth, shiny, black and yellow patterned bodies, narrow waists, four wings and bad tempers. Naturally aggressive predators, the most common species of wasp in the UK are the Common Wasp and the German Wasp.

Unfortunately, the friendly bee is often mistaken for the antagonistic wasp, despite their distinct differences. Although not a protected species, bees are endangered in the UK, making it important to correctly identify between wasps and bees.

Q: What are the signs of an infestation?

Fortunately, wasps are seasonal pests, first appearing in spring and reaching their peak in late summer. If you notice a large number of wasps at home, it’s likely that there is a nest nearby. You can work out where the nest is by observing their flight path back to their nest.

Q: How to get rid of wasps

Not all wasp infestations need to be treated – if they are in a remote part of your garden, then consider if treatment is worth the effort. However, if you have a nest inside your property, then understandably, you want the wasps to buzz off! DIY nest-treatment is not recommended; when provoked, wasps are often aggressive and they will attack as they defend their nest and young.

Professional pest controllers will have the technical knowledge and equipment to get rid of wasps quickly, efficiently and most importantly, safely with the use of certified pesticides and the appropriate protective equipment.

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