Q: What do moths look like?

Moths can vary dramatically in their appearance and size depending on the species, but they typically have two pairs of wings which are covered in scales. Most indoor feeding moths have a wingspan of less than 2cm, but are still visible to the naked eye, and come in a variety of colours such as red, brown, grey, white and silver. Their larvae hatch from sticky eggs and are white caterpillars with golden-brown heads.

Q: How can I tell if I’ve got a moth infestation?

Most people spot signs of a moth infestation by finding holes in their clothes, as well as the presence of a musty smell in your wardrobes and cupboards. Keep an eye out for webbing or cocoons in corners. When it comes to spotting moths in your pantry or kitchen cupboards, they sometimes leave trails of a sticky secretion. You may also be able to spot the small larvae in open packets of dried food, such as cereals and flour.

Q: How do I get rid of moths?


Moth infestations often spread quickly, so to get rid of moths, it’s best to call in the experts to ensure that every trace of the moths and moth larvae is eliminated. The key to successful treatment is early identification of the moth species; textile moths which nibble on clothing, or ‘stored product pests' which feed on the goods in your pantry. Professional pest controllers will have a range of solutions, such as specialist insecticides, sprays and treatments which have been designed to remove the infestation.

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