Q: What does a mouse look like?

As one of the smaller members of the rodent family, mice can grow up to a whopping 20g in weight and 10cm in length, with another 10cm for the tail. In the UK, the most common species is the house mouse; a slender body with light grey or brown fur, with a lighter shade on the underside, proportionally larger ears and a longer tail.

It can be easy to mistake mice for rats, or vice-versa – have a look at our ‘rats’ page identify whether you have mice or rats.

Q: What are the signs of infestation?

Small and dark droppings roughly the size of a grain of rice, scattered randomly around the house, but especially along skirting or in kitchen cupboards, as well as a strong smell of urine.
You may also hear scratching or scrabbling during the night, as mice are nocturnal and scavenge for their food whilst we sleep. Listen for noises between partition walls, under floorboards, in false ceilings, basements and lofts. And of course, little gnaw marks on food, food containers and even electrical cables are a strong indication that you’ve got a mouse in your house.

Q: How do I get rid of mice?

Mouse infestations are best dealt with by professionals, as getting rid of mice properly requires skills and experience. Treatments include the use of certified rodenticides and various types of traps, depending on what is deemed as suitable.

DIY options are available but not recommended; poison pellets and bait packages must be used with extreme caution and you should always read the label and follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions. For the safety of your family – especially if you have young children or pets – it’s best to contact a pest control professional.

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