Q: What do foxes look like?

As a member of the canine family, foxes have a slender trunk, pointed ears and an elongated muzzle. In the UK, red foxes are the most common, characterised by an orangey-red coat and white furry chest, with the back of the ears and paws dipped in black. Weighing in between 2-14 kilos and 45-90 cm in length, foxes are marginally bigger than a domestic cat.

Foxes are naturally solitary animals, but when they are raising their young, they live in a small pack called a ‘skulk’ of foxes. Male foxes are called ‘dogs’, female foxes are ‘vixens’ and baby foxes are called ‘kits’, ‘pups’ or ‘cubs’.

Q: Are foxes dangerous?

In short, no. Despite media reports, foxes aren’t considered to be a serious danger to humans, with no known cases of deliberate or fatal attacks on humans – you’re more likely to be bitten by a dog or attacked by a cat. However, foxes are wild animals, so you should avoid approaching or getting close to a fox as a sensible precaution.
In terms of disease, foxes can carry certain parasites such as; roundworm, Weil’s disease and mange, but it’s important to note that as close contact with foxes is rare, humans are much more likely to contract these from dogs! The UK has officially been free from rabies since 1902, so this poses an extremely low to non-existent risk.

Q: How do I get rid of foxes?

Whenever possible, we don’t endorse the destruction of healthy foxes, and believe that the best way to get rid of foxes is to deter them from coming onto your property in the first place.
Long term fox control is extremely difficult, expensive and should only be attempted as a last resort if they are causing serious damage. It’s illegal to poison or gas foxes, or to block fox dens if they are occupied, under the Wild Mammals Protection Act 1996 and the Animal Welfare Act 2006. Traps and free-running snares may be used, but only in adherence with strict regulations. Fox control is extremely specialised, and is best carried out by a licenced professional.

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