Q: What does a 'pest' bird look like?

In the UK, we tend consider most birds to be our feathery friends, but certain species can cause damage if left unchecked. Light grey with iridescent neck plumage, feral pigeons are the most common pest bird, followed by the glossy black starling, pale brown and grey feathered house sparrow and white-grey seagull.

Q: How do I know I’ve got a bird infestation?

Birds infestations are quite easy to spot – keep an eye on for groups of birds settling on roofs or ledges, continuous squawking and feathery debris around your property. You may also notice a significant increase in droppings and external damage, as well as foul odours should a bird die in a difficult-to-access space.

Q: How do I get rid of pigeons and other pest birds?

Birds do pose a significant health hazard, meaning DIY bird removal and proofing is not recommended. A professional pest controller has a multitude of methods to get rid of pigeons and pest birds, and to discourage them from settling. This ranges from the installation of bird netting, to a spikes system and nest removal. Hawking is also an option, which involves using trained birds of prey to deter pests without harm.

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