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The adaptable nature of the red fox (Vulpes vulpes) has made it a very successful resident of many British towns and cities, including London, where it has access to huge resources of food left out by residents and businesses. The vast majority of people often enjoy seeing foxes around their homes or in parkland, although generally they are most active at night.  

In recent times there have been reports in the national media about foxes allegedly attacking humans, especially young children, but it is worth noting that there is no substantiated case of this actually happening, let alone a deliberate attack.  Foxes are generally wary of humans and avoid contact wherever possible, but where intentional feeding occurs, they are more likely to approach and get accustomed to humans.  Likewise with pets, there is little to no contact made between cats/dogs and foxes unless they threaten the safety of foxes and their cubs.

Foxes are very effective scavengers and will be attracted to any potential source of food.  Often they can cause damage to lawns and flowerbeds - this is usually because of the presence of invertebrate pests, along with earthworms and grubs. However, it could also be due to blood or bone-based fertilisers that have been applied to the lawn/soil - the foxes will think there is a corpse present and will frantically dig to find it.

Control of foxes is difficult, expensive and usually never successful. The problem is that foxes have been in urban areas for so long that they have reached a state of equilibrium and regulate the size of their own population, or new foxes move in to take over the territory of the animal that has been killed.  In addition, there is much restriction on the methods used for removal - it is illegal (and punishable by law) to use self-locking snares, any bow or crossbow, any explosive other than ammunition for a firearm, a live decoy, any gasses or poisons to destroy foxes.  Also, Local Authorities have no statutory duty to control foxes.

London Network for Pest Solutions recommends that proofing (preventing access for foxes) is the first and preferred method used to control them - we do not, as a company, recommend the destruction of healthy foxes.  For instance, where foxes burrow underneath sheds or other building structures, strong wire mesh can be used to prevent access.  In addition, general housekeeping, such as ensuring that food is not left out in gardens, securing outside bins, keeping rabbit (and other outdoor animal) housing secure and not using blood/bone based fertilisers will reduce the likelihood of foxes taking residency on your premises. 

If you have an issue with foxes on your premises and would like us to provide a survey and quote for proofing, please call us on 020 8430 4133 to book an appointment. However, please note that we do not carry out fox control directly but we employ a specialist contractor to do the work.