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Cockroach Control

Treatments from only £165.00

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Prices from only £165.00

Get your cockroach infestation under control quickly

The most common species of cockroach found in the UK are German (Blattella germanica) and Oriental (Blatta orientalis).  These are prevalent throughout homes and buildings, but especially so in cities as they have easy access to huge resources of food and can travel freely through connected properties as only tiny gaps are required for them to move from one site to another.  

Cockroaches can spread diseases through contaminated food (e.g. Salmonellosis, Typhoid, Cholera, Gastroenteritis, Dysentery, Campylobacteriosis, Listeriosis, Giardia) so it is important that action is taken immediately to control infestations.  In addition, damage caused to food stuffs can have economic impacts on businesses and affect your reputation.. 

If left untreated, there are a number of potential problems that can develop: -

  • cockroaches will multiply quickly

  • create an environment hazardous to health and can spread disease

  • if you are a landlord you could be in breach of your Property Licensing conditions, potentially resulting in a prosecution or financial penalty

  • if you are a business owner of a food establishment you could be losing money through disposing of contaminated food stuffs and also fail your local Council's Food Safety inspections

London Network for Pest Solutions offers professional treatment to control cockroaches effectively.  Call us on 020 8430 4133 to book an appointment as soon as possible.

Call us to book an appointment on 020 8430 4133

*Unlimited visits: London Network for Pest Solutions will continue to visit your property until the pest problem is under control, provided that all hygiene, housekeeping and proofing recommendations that we give you are followed through. If you miss two consecutive appointments or after three months of being pest free, any further treatment will be subject to the full charge.