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Birds, in particular feral pigeons, will cause serious damage to buildings through their droppings.  They can also carry mites and fleas which can spread throughout buildings.  In addition, feral pigeons can also spread diseases such as Ornithosis, E.Coli and Salmonella.


Effective bird control can be carried out to deny the birds access to desirable parts of buildings by installing bird deterrents such as netting and spikes, whilst still maintaining a pleasing look.  However, due to the risk posed to health when dealing with pigeon guano and the expertise required to carry out proofing, it is recommended that only professionals are used, 

We offer a comprehensive service from start to finish - we provide a detailed report and quote, deal with all cleaning and removal of bird detritus, sanitising of all contaminated areas, install bird deterrents using experienced and qualified staff and fully guarantee our work to give you peace of mind.  

If left untreated, there are a number of potential problems that can develop: -

  • can cause expensive damage your property through staining and corrosion 

  • cause risk to health and safety

  • create an environment hazardous to health and can spread disease

  • if you are a business owner of a food establishment you could losing money through disposing of contaminated food stuffs and also fail your local Council's Food Safety inspections

London Network for Pest Solutions offers professional treatment to control pigeons effectively.  Call us on 020 8430 4133 to book an appointment as soon as possible.