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Prices from only £50.00

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There a number of different species of ants but in the UK we predominately see two broad types: garden ants and tropical ants (e.g. pharaoh ants).   

Although these ants are not dangerous in themselves, they can cause much inconvenience as they forage for food.  They can also carry pathogens on their body and legs so can potentially contaminate food.  In addition, tropical ants, given their extremely small size, can also gain access to baby feeding bottles, medication containers and even open wounds - so they pose an even greater risk.

Treatment of ants can be difficult as simply killing the worker ants will not destroy the entire colony - this can be further complicated with tropical ants as they have multiple queens and nests.  A thorough survey is required to see the extent of the issue and several treatments to disrupt reproduction may be needed.

If left untreated, there are a number of potential problems that can develop: -

  • ants will multiply quickly

  • they can ruin foodstuffs

  • they can impact on your business reputation 

  • could have a serious impact on your health and well being 

  • if you are a landlord you could be in breach of your Property Licensing conditions,  potentially resulting in a prosecution or financial penalty

London Network for Pest Solutions offers professional treatment to control ants effectively.  Call us on 020 8430 4133 to book an appointment as soon as possible.

*Unlimited visits: London Network for Pest Solutions will continue to visit your property until the pest problem is under control, provided that all hygiene, housekeeping and proofing recommendations that we give you are followed through. If you miss two consecutive appointments or after three months of being pest free, any further treatment will be subject to the full charge.

Call us to book an appointment on 020 8430 4133