LNPS builds stronger ties with East London-based youth charity

London Network for Pest Solutions (LNPS) has agreed to sponsor specialist pest control services for the world-famous Imps motorcycle display team based in East London.

As part of the sponsorship deal, LNPS will survey the team’s headquarters, provide five electric fly-killing units, carry out internal and external rodent monitoring and deal with their squirrel problems.

Imps is a charity that gives children from deprived areas the opportunity to perform in motorcycle displays all over the world, including tattoos in Canada, Norway and Edinburgh. There are currently 38 display riders and a further 20 in training. Riders must be disciplined, dynamic and hardworking and the team has built a global reputation for excellence.

The charity originated from an idea by Roy Pratt MBE. In the 1970s he was running The Hackney Adventure Holiday Project to provide countryside holidays for underprivileged young people. On one trip some of the children found an old, dysfunctional ‘motorbike’ and this got Roy thinking. The result was a motorcycle display team that uniquely comprises young people aged six to sixteen.

The new sponsorship deal follows LNPS’s funding of 36 new open-faced helmets for team members in 2022.

As a sponsor, LNPS Managing Director Paul Cooper was invited to attend a special event for sponsors and parents at the charity’s headquarters. He was able to watch the team perform some amazing manoeuvres including jumping through fire and creating moving human pyramids.

After the event, Paul met members of the team and was introduced to the key players behind the charity. It was during these discussions that Paul had the idea to also sponsor pest control for the premises.

Managing Director Paul Cooper explained: “Having lived and worked in East London all my life, I’ve always known about the Imps and marvelled at their abilities and bravery. It is truly inspiring to watch young people who are so dedicated to such a worthwhile pursuit.

“As a local company, LNPS is keen to help charities in our community in whatever way we can. One example of this is pest control. Imps is a charity that does great work in our community and so the more we can do to help reduce their overheads, the better. Taking away the burden of pest control means more of the money they generate can be ploughed back into training the next generation of display riders.”

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Main picture: Paul Cooper meets the Imps

Two electric fly killers at Imps HQ