Paul Cooper speaks at London local authority pest control event

London Network for Pest Solutions’ Managing Director Paul Cooper will be speaking on the subject of ‘Proofing: going back to basics’, to the Greater London Pest Liaison Group (GLPLG) on 18th May 2023.

Paul is sharing details of the extraordinary success LNPS has achieved with its new approach to pest proofing.

After working with a local authority for six years, LNPS noticed that a significant number of properties experienced repeat problems. LNPS would remove an infestation but, after a period of pest-free living, the pests would sometimes return.

LNPS decided to look again at the issue of integrating pest control with proofing to create a different, more effective solution. By employing qualified tradesmen with pest control knowledge and having them work alongside professional pest control technicians, LNPS has been able to significantly improve the efficacy of its service while reducing the need for return visits. Learn more.

LNPS Managing Director Paul Cooper said: “It is an honour to be asked to talk about our new approach to pest proofing at the GLPLG event in May. Through our new approach we’ve significantly reduced the need for repeat visits and the feedback from householders has been brilliant.”

The GLPLG is a voluntary organisation comprising pest control departments from local authorities within Greater London. Its objective is the sharing of technical information and best practise relating to pest control.

Established in 2016, LNPS is an award-winning company based in Newham, London. It provides high-quality, efficient and affordable pest control services to private and commercial customers in London, Essex, Kent and the South-east of England. The company is recognised across the region as the benchmark for honesty, professionalism, passion and expertise.