Pest control resolutions for 2023

2022 has been quite a year. As a company, we celebrated our fifth anniversary and wins at both the National Pest Awards and British Pest Control Association Awards. We’ve also said “Hello” to our new Non-Executive Director, Joanne Beasley, and become even more involved in the local community with sponsorship deals with several local organisations.

Unfortunately, while we’ve had a good year, the world around us seems to be in turmoil which has led to inflation, interest rates rises and a cost-of-living crisis. It’s my view, though, we should always look to the future with positivity and, with this in mind, I look to 2023 with hope.

Having said that, we can always benefit from doing a little more to turn fate in to our favour and, as one year passes and another starts, now is a great time to make resolutions that will help to keep your property pest-free throughout the year.

Year-round protection from pests

Winter can be harsh. As I write, we are going through a cold snap and pests of all shapes and sizes will be looking for somewhere that is safe, warm and has access to food and water. This could be your home or business.

Of course, the same is also true of the summer. Although the weather may be less cruel, the drive to find somewhere that is safe and can provide an adequate supply of food and drink remains for many pests. It is therefore important to take a proactive approach to pest control that will last the whole year. Good habits started in January will keep your home or business pest-free all year long.

With that in mind, here are my five pest control resolutions for 2023:

1. Declutter – you don’t have to be Mari Kondo, but there are many advantages to a decluttered home. In terms of pest control, clutter gives pests like mice and cockroaches somewhere to hide and nest. Remove the clutter and you remove one of the primary attractions for many pests. It should also be remembered that clutter also often includes waste and that means potential sources of food.

Your resolution should be to declutter all areas in your home – the kitchen, attic, cellar, storage cupboards, the garage, etc.  If you haven’t needed something in a couple of years, then remove and recycle. You’ll benefit from more space; pests won’t have anywhere to hide, and your old rubbish could benefit someone who will love it.

2. Clean up – from the kitchen to the bedroom, make sure you clean regularly. This isn’t just about the places you can see – work tops, floors and cupboards – but also about the places you can’t – behind kickboards, under fridges, behind sofas and under beds. Anywhere that is difficult for you to access could be the perfect place for a pest to hide and regular cleaning will make those areas less attractive.

Your resolution should be to regularly clean and vacuum all areas in the home, especially the kitchen and high traffic areas, and implement a deep clean strategy that includes all those hard-to-reach areas at least once a year.

3. Remove rubbish – if you leave food around, then you are essentially inviting a pest around for dinner as they will smell it.

Your resolution should be to make sure bin lids fit correctly. This will keep smells from wafting out and attracting pests. You should also make sure recycled waste doesn’t build up in the home and is instead regularly put out into your green bin, which should have a close-fitting lid.

4. Keep gardens tidy – there are many things in your garden that are attractive to pests – the rarely used shed is perfect for nests, puddles provide a source of water, compost heaps create warmth and waste bins are a good source of food.

Your resolution should be to tidy up your garden. Make sure compost heaps, piles of leaves, wood piles, etc. are kept well away from the house and remove as many as possible of the things that pests want – food, water, harbourage.

5. Block all entry points – your property is full of holes. Badly fitting windows, spaces under the eaves, and gaps around pipes where they enter the home and under doors are all attractive access points to pests.

Your resolution is to find all of these access points and seal them. Solutions include door sweeps for gaps under doors, cement or wire wool to plug holes around window frames and pipes and interceptors in drainpipes.

Be safe!

Of course, some of these places can be difficult to access safely – for example, the eaves under your roof. It is sensible to talk to a professional pest control company that can conduct a survey of your home and offer practical solutions. They have the expertise and the equipment required to do these jobs safely and effectively.

The key thing to remember is that that most pests want a simple life. If you remove the things they want, they will go to another property that will make their life easier. Making a few simple changes will contribute greatly to keeping your property pest-free.

With that, I’ll take this opportunity to raise a glass and wish you a Happy New Year!