Explaining the importance of customer focus

Managing Director Paul Cooper was asked to address the Improvement and Efficiency Social Enterprise’ (iESE) 22 Conference on Wednesday 16th November 2022.

Paul was invited to speak on the subject of customer focus after London Network for Pest Solutions (LNPS) was Highly Commended at the iESE Public Sector Transformation Awards 2022.

While the audience for the event was virtual, the majority of the speakers made their presentations from a single room, giving Paul the opportunity to network with other public sector leaders, including retired Greenwich Council leader, John Comber.

Talking about the event, Paul said: “I’ve lived in Greenwich for a number of years and so it was wonderful to meet John, a man with amazing insights into operating in the public sector.

“For LNPS, it was a real privilege to be asked to address delegates at the iESE 22 Conference on the subject of customer focus. This is one of the first events of this type that we’ve been asked to participate in and it is another clear indication of how far LNPS has come since we set up the business in 2017.

“Apart from meeting the other speakers and interacting with delegates, although virtually, what impressed me the most about the event was its professionalism. This was a chance for experts in each field to spread best practice and, as a company, we’ve always had a clear focus on best practice. It sits at the heart of our customer focus processes. After all, as I’ve always said, a business isn’t a business if it doesn’t have happy customers!”



John Comber interviews Paul Cooper


You can watch Paul being interviewed by John Comber by clicking here.

iESE is a non-profit company made up of members and directors from local authorities across the UK. It is a social enterprise with the objective of identifying, fostering and delivering improvements and efficiencies across the public sector.

Established in 2016, LNPS is an award-winning company based in Newham, London. It provides high-quality, efficient and affordable pest control services to private and commercial customers in London, Essex, Kent and the South-east of England. The company is recognised across the region as the benchmark for honesty, professionalism, passion and expertise.


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