Remembering Marcus

Today we remember our dear friend and colleague Marcus Griffin who sadly passed away on the evening of Saturday 29th June 2019. Although it has been two years since he left us, he is still very much in our hearts and minds, we loved Marcus and whilst he only worked with LNPS for a few years, he made a big impact.

I knew Marc for many years before he came to work at LNPS, first working with him in Lambeth Council in the early 1990s, Marc joined a newly set up and dedicated pest block control team as a pest control officer. With the passage of time many things get forgotten but the Lambeth Council Block Team was actually the first dedicated one to be set up in the UK. Prior to its formation, block work had been done but only on an ad hoc basis. Marc was one of the first people to work on this ground breaking initiative, an initiative that grew into such a success that some years later Lambeth could pretty much declare itself pest free!

Marcus’ step father, Bryan Collier, worked for Lambeth at the time, he was the manager of the Public Health Team. Marc followed in his steps, starting out doing pest control in the commercial sector, before moving to Lambeth. Marc moved up the ladder in Lambeth, changed jobs and eventually became the Statutory Funerals Manager. Some years after I left Lambeth Council, Marc was made redundant and as soon as I heard this I called him and offered him a job going back and doing pest control again.

Marc went to school in Newham attending both Rosetta and Lister Schools and he never moved far away ending up living with his wife Debbie in Tower Hamlets. He was a dedicated and loyal West Ham United supporter, we both shared a similar interest in music, we went to gigs together and the last one was a well-known East London Oi band called the Cockney Rejects, this was just a few months before Marc passed away. Marc also had an interest in a local community garden where he lived, whatever he did and wherever he went he attracted people and they liked him. Marc’s Mum and Step Dad, Marie and Bryan Collier have both been long standing Labour Party members serving in Newham for many years before they retired, and both have served as Mayors for Newham, they are well known community figures and it is quite obvious when you meet them to see where Marc got his personality traits.

Marc was a great guy, always so friendly, pleasant and happy, I don’t think I ever saw him get annoyed or angry. He was really good with customers, well-liked by them and of course well-liked by everyone in LNPS. He is still very much missed and he will never be forgotten. It’s not only on the anniversary of his passing that we remember him, he will always and forever be in our hearts.

Our thoughts are with his wife, brothers, mum and dad.