Business Recovery Premium Pest Plan Offer – 3 Months Free Cover

Have you had any uninvited visitors while your business has been closed? We’ve put together a special pest plan offer to help you get back on your feet.

As we enter a period of reduced COVID-19 restrictions and businesses start to re-open, a greater level of pest activity is being reported, particularly in restaurants, pubs and takeaways. Typically, businesses are finding mice, rats and cockroaches have taken advantage of quiet premises, going undetected for many weeks. They don’t need a great amount of food to survive, a mouse for example typically eats only three grams of food a day, a surprisingly small amount given that they produce about 80 droppings a day. If untreated they will increase in numbers and become harder to eradicate.

Mindful that it has been a very tough few months for many businesses especially those in the hospitality industry, we are offering all new customers three months free protection, when they sign up for our comprehensive pest control programme for their premises.

Pest control is a vital requirement to protect your business. Restaurants, bars and cafés will be unable to open if they find signs of pest activity, as they run the risk of spreading disease. This is damaging for the long-term reputation of the business and will have a detrimental effect on its food hygiene rating. It could result in prosecution by Environmental Health teams, and even forced closure.

Cash flow will be at the forefront of many business owners’ minds, so we’ve put together a special package to support you during this transitional period, while trade builds up again. We are offering a 12-month rolling contract with an additional free three months at the beginning of your contract, so all your pest problems will be taken care of for a full 15 months

London Network for Pest Solutions can be on-site at your premises within hours to eradicate the pests, leaving you free to concentrate on getting back to profitable trading.

During the full term of your contract, you can expect to benefit from the following:

  1. A full set-up process to protect your premises, using tamper-proof bait stations and monitors
  2. Monthly planned visits
  3. Free call-out service
  4. Free follow-up visits for treatments carried out
  5. Digital reports for every visit
  6. Expert advice

For full details contact us today.

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