How to get rid of bed bugs: treatments

It’s difficult to detect a bed bug infestation when you’re not sure what to look out for. In most cases, property managers and tenants don’t realise that a bed bug infestation has taken hold, until they experience itchy bites.

That was certainly the case for one LNPS client, a sheltered accommodation provider with vulnerable residents. After a number of failed attempts to rid its property of the pests, the owners called us in. Read their story below and discover how to get rid of bed bugs in your property or business for good, with an affordable and rapid solution.


Sheltered accommodation scheme for vulnerable adults in Essex

The problem

Attempts to control a widespread bed bug infestation by another pest control company worsened over a 12-month period, spreading to half the rooms in the property. London Network for Pest Solutions was engaged to provide an effective solution.


The solution

The previous contractor had only treated the bedrooms, so the LNPS team drew up a site plan of the entire premises to establish how the flats and rooms connected. Locations of bed bug sightings were marked on the map and the team analysed their routes throughout the premises, before providing an effective pest control solution.

Bed bugs can spread from residents’ bedrooms to communal areas with ease, and an infestation can be perpetuated through poorly managed treatments. So, rather than just treating isolated areas ad-hoc, as infestation was identified, LNPS ensured the entire building – including all communal areas as well as the bedrooms – was inspected.

This was to detect any infestations which had not previously been reported and the LNPS team worked closely with the client, entering each flat to examine furnishings, light fittings, sockets, wheelchairs and walking frames.

As soon as any infestation was identified, treatment was carried out, and in those rooms and other areas where no bed bugs were found, monitor traps were put in place. Prior to treatment being carried out, LNPS staff supported residents by helping them store away bedding and clothing and installed protective screens. This allowed residents to carry on with daily activities with minimal inconvenience and disruption.



All bed bugs were removed from the property within four weeks, at a cost 60% lower than the previous contractor’s treatment, much to the delight of the management team at the accommodation. To reassure residents, the LNPS team spoke with residents about the results of the treatment and put a post-treatment monitoring programme in place, involving monthly inspections.

How to request a bed bug treatment?

We treat thousands of properties each year. We treat all troublesome infestations with the same level of professionalism; we get stuck in and tackle the problem head on.

Give us a call on 0208 430 4133 to speak to our London pest control team and we’ll get rid of your pest problem discreetly, quickly and safely.

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