top tips for workplace pest-control

8 Top tips to avoid pests in your workplace

As one of the most reputable London pest control providers, we’ve come across many workplaces that suffer from a number of pests all year round, from a summertime plague of flies, to a winter invasion of spiders. Although a lot of pests are largely harmless, there are some that pose a health risk, especially if your workplace contains areas for food preparation and consumption. But you don’t have to work in a restaurant for your workplace to suffer from infestations; offices are often a breeding ground for rodents, as are high-traffic locations such as public buildings like schools, hospitals and shopping centres.

The most common culprits in workplaces tend to be rats, mice, cockroaches, ants and flies – all of which are attracted by easy access to foodstuffs, waste and water. We’ve put together a few top tips to avoid pests and best practice workplace pest control, to help keep your workday pest-free.

  1. Keep catering & eating areas clean and tidy
  2. Store food in cupboards and sealed containers to prevent attracting pests
  3. Clean up any spills or mess immediately
  4. Employ a professional cleaning service if necessary, to regularly clean the entire workplace
  5. Encourage staff to keep their workstations/desks clean and tidy and to not store food in drawers
  6. Provide waste bins with secure lids and empty daily
  7. Establish hygiene guidelines and implement them, making sure all staff are fully briefed
  8. Install regular maintenance checks, especially for older buildings as gaps, holes and crevices give access to numerous pests, such as mice and cockroaches

Although there are some DIY treatments available to treat pest infestations in the workplace. They are a serious matter and are often best left to the professionals, due to the scale and severity of consequences should the pests be left unchecked.

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